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Okay folks, I’ll go to jump right into it: My good friend (K Cash) is banking huge royalty checks as a Kindle eBook publisher (over $3500 per month!)…and his methods are completely simple. Strange but very true….Here is the facts:

  • He’s averaging over $400 a week in Kindle royalties
  • Just one of his eBook titles is generating over 450 sales per month
  • He’s scored 5 of the best-selling Kindle eBook for a lucrative book category
  • He has done absolutely nothing to promote these titles (Amazon takes care of that for him)
  • He published his first eBook just 2 months ago
  • To date, he’s published only 20 total eBooks (you do the math!)
  • His system I simply superb.

As the creator of Amazon Cash Machines and, I’ve taught hundreds of people how to make money as a self-published Amazon author (in fact, HP is one of my students). I’ve presented live trainings on this subject to tens of thousands of people. And I have clients who gladly pay me a 5k consulting fee for my book writing know-how.

But I have never seen Kindle sales results like this before:

But that's chump change...have a look at his U.K. eBook sales:

What’s the ONE THING You Must Do to Make Money on Kindle?

Okay, so let me back up a little bit and tell you how – almost by accident -- I discovered what the heck HP was up to. We connected recently on a Skype call to shoot the bull, when he casually mentioned that he had just cashed a 5-figure Kindle royalty check (and then he proceeded to launch into a conversation about his fishing trip to the Florida Keys this year…)

“Whoa, Whoa, WHOA -- back up there HP...What was that you were saying about a 5-figure Kindle check? Ummm, can you tell me exactly how you’re doing that?”

I watched him take a long sip from his bottle of Apple Soda, and then he looked right into his laptop camera (Skype is creepy sometimes!) and said these 6 words: “I publish what people are buying”.

What? That’s it?

Yes…that’s the secret to eBook publishing success: Only publish exactly what people are buying all day long every day in the Kindle store.

In other words, you have to approach Kindle publishing like a niche marketer. You have to research these book topics in a particular way. You need to find killer keywords. You need to leverage your time by having other people create content for you. And finally, you must completely optimize the heck out of your book listing to maximize your eBook conversions.

In fact, scoring a Best-Selling Kindle eBook is quite simple, and you can crank out these automatic money machines over and over and over again. Heck, you can even publish the same darn book more than once (HP did!) You just need to master a few “tricks of the trade” first, and you’ll need to laser-focus on these 5 “Kindle Essentials”:

1.    Book topic

2.    Book title

3.    Book cover

4.    Book tags

5.    Free traffic


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The truth is anybody can learn how to generate hundreds…and even thousands…of monthly eBook sales. It's a skill learned just like anything else, and once you get good at it you can easily duplicate these results. Heck, K Cash only learned how to do this 2 months ago, and these Kindle “Cash machines” will be spitting out $3000+ royalty checks on autopilot for years to come.

I don’t know about you, but I love getting “free money” in the mail…and that’s exactly what it feels like to open up my own Amazon royalty checks every month. It never fails to put a smile on my face as I’m filling out the deposit slip to take to the bank. These checks show up automatically, and what’s more…they are a completely passive income stream.

You too can create “free money” like this as a Kindle publisher…but first you’ll need to know a few ninja tricks. You’ll need to understand how to locate these secret book niches. You must create your eBook cover in a very specific way to set your book apart, and squeeze every last drop of promotional juice out of Amazon itself. You’ll find all of this information…and much, much more…inside our Kindle Sales Cloud training, as well as:

  • How to create a butt-ugly eBook cover that sells like hotcakes (it has to be done exactly like THIS…)
  • The secret to getting Google to promote your book for free…24/7
  • How to generate hundreds of eBook sales every month by publishing the one of the best-selling books of all time (gasp).
  • The strong-arm Mafioso “power-jam” move that will allow you to “corner the market” on smoking-hot book topics.
  • How to "reverse engineer" a Kindle Bestseller
  • The Kindle Forum’s crazy “Ponzi Scheme” for sending massive traffic to your eBook listing
  • How to clone the same “winning” book over and over again (and send your monthly royalties to the moon)
  • The sneaky ninja tricks to completely PIMP OUT your eBook listings to optimize your eBook sales
  • How to price your Kindle book to undercut your competition…and make your books irresistible to buyers.
  • How to exploit Face book to find smoking hot eBook topics
  • And much, much more! 

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“I must say”, if I was knocking out thousands of automatic eBook sales like these every month, I would probably just keep my mouth shut. I would continue to quietly cash these big automatic royalty checks month after month…And never tell another soul these incredible money-making secrets.

In fact, if I were K Cash, I definitely would NOT be teaching other people how to do this. That would be crazy, right?


This is because that would make it possible for literally anybody to swoop in and steal these top-secret book niches.  

And I absolutely would never show anyone the specific book titles and categories that he is using to create these gonzo results…

But that’s exactly what K Cash is doing right now…inside of this great product. It’s completely nuts, right? And that’s why I recommend that you click this “Buy Now” immediately…Before K Cash comes to his senses and rips this training off the map.

This system is the best eBook Marketing product out there and it will make you a tone of easy money. Use this Self Publishing System system to simply smash the bank doors down!

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K Cash


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                                                                                How to Play Guitar for Beginners

                                                                                                 Apple Watch

                                                                                             European Hornet

                                                                                                Hornet Stings

                                                                                               Find My Phone

                                                   Japanese Hornet Sting
                                                                      Google Car:

                                                 Memorial Day Weekend:



                                                                       XBox One:

                                                                     Android Pay:

                                                                Pepper Robot:

                                                      MLB Authentication:

                                                              Back to School:

                                                                        Apple Car:

                                                         Black Friday Deals:

                                                                 Black Friday Deals:

                                                                           Nexus 5X:

                                                                        iPhone 6s:

                                                  Batman Arkman Knight:


                                                                   Pepsi Phone:

                                          Star Wars the Force Awakens:
                                           Star Wars the Force Awakens:


                                                       Legionnaires Disease: ​

                                                          Duncans Toy Chest








                                                                  Find My Phone:

                                                                 Credit Karma: ​

                                                                        Credit Karma:
                                                                        iPhone SE:

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